Julia-Mocioc-concert-pianist4My Story… my passion

“Be passionate about what you do, work hard as this will make a difference, persevere even when all seems futile and be patient as the result of your work will always happen when you least expect it.”

Since I can remember, music has been a constant companion to me, a source of inspiration, challenging me to be better in all aspects of my life. I have always been attracted by art in general and its creative side as I remember my delight when at a tender age I started ballet lessons only to be told later that despite my obvious talent, I could not pursue it as my physique would not help me much.Julia-Mocioc-2

 Born in Bucharest, in a family of musicians, I left Romania at the age of 16, for a scholarship in England. The next 7 years I spend studying piano at the prestigious London Guildhall University School of Music and Drama

Following the masters in Paris I combine piano recitals with chamber music concerts wearing my steps in several European countries – Spain, Italy, France, England, and Germany.

I currently reside in Laval, and sharing my music passion at my studio…

Coming from a family of professional musicians, my attention was drawn to piano which I have pursued with great interest. Since then, my instrument has been a pivoting part of my life, a source of constant searching, challenging and sharing with my public. Both my parents have greatly contributed to my passion enabling me to continue my studies abroad and helping me navigate through the challenging aspects of a life dedicated to either playing or teaching.
Julia-Mocioc-concert-pianist2I was fortunate to have met many people that have carved me into the musician I am today, starting with Ludmila Popisteanu, Ileana Busuioc, Joan Havill, Michel Beroff and many others to whom I am grateful to have known. Through them I have learned the key principles I have used all my life whether in my playing or my teaching.

Many years I chose to perform alone and with ensembles,Julia-Mocioc-concert-pianist3 being content to share the beautiful experience of playing with my public and not involving myself in the teaching practice. Many years ago, I was invited to give a master class in Romania, my birth country and I began to develop a passion for teaching. The two experiences, both performing and teaching opened up to me, and I found myself eager to pass on my knowledge to my little students.

I can only hope that through passion, dedication and perseverance I can instill in each and every one of my students the same love and appreciation I have for music making, together with the musical and technical finesse that will make them touch the soul of an audience.