Private Piano Lessons


Rates& Regulations




Private Lessons Pedagogy

Instruction program

Beginners and Intermediate

  • Sight reading
  • Scales and technical methods
  • Rhythmical patterns training
  • Correct use of fingerings
  • Phrasing and dynamics
  • Classical and popular piano repertoire

Advanced Studies

  • Piano Competitions Rehearsals
  • Preparing for Royal Conservatory exams

Why you should study piano?

  • Educates you to have more structure in achieving their objectives
  • Motivates you to practice
  • Helps you see improvement in real time
  • Develops your confidence and self-esteem
  • Helps your unique creativity to develop and express itself
  • Develops better concentration
  • Develops sense of achievement
  • Will teach early on how to deal with the excitement of performing for others