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“Be passionate about what you do, work hard as this will make a difference, persevere even when all seems futile and be patient as the result of your work will always happen when you least expect it.”

Yamaha Digital Piano

Julia-Mocioc-piano2The digital piano remains the first choice for students of all ages that are at the beginning of their musical journey. It has many advantages that are ideal for first time students. The possibility of adjusting the weight of the keys creating a softer or harder touch when playing is a winner among beginners.

Why should I choose a Digital Piano for home practices?

Julia-Mocioc-piano4The digital piano has the capacity of reproducing various instruments sounds that makes it really exciting for little ones to start recognizing and exploring different tones helping them understand other instruments too. As a result, the little pianists will be more tempted to repeat the same pattern as playing with sounds will make their practicing time more fun.Individual practicing can be sometimes ear blowing and tiresome for people around us. Headphones are the key of this problem as it offers endless hours of practice without being heard by others unless it is your choice.

The sound created is always the same, no need for tuning when various shifts in temperature are happening, therefore eliminating the cost of tuning it twice a year.

Grand piano

Julia-Mocioc-piano1Undoubtedly, the emotion created by the sound of the acoustic grand piano will never be fully achieved by a digital one.The sound of the grand piano is naturally created by a combination of fingers-keys and hammers; therefore creating a unique touch that defines each pianist.

Using a grand piano is highly recommended for professionals as well as students that have highly developed interpretative subtleties that come as a result of many years of practice.

Why should I choose a Grand Piano for home practices?

For its beautiful rich sound coming from a perfect control between fingers-keys-hammers. Being designed for those that have been practicing for many years and are technically at ease it creates a beautiful polyphony due to the sensitivity of the keys. Does not need plugging.