Personalised method for each of you…

“The challenging and rewarding aspect of teaching piano is that each student is different; therefore the teaching method is tailored for each of them.”

Julia-Mocioc-student1Technique and dexterity are developed through a warm up routine that includes scales, chords and various technical difficulties as well as sight reading that consists of being able to recognize notes, rhythmical patterns and dynamics.
For those students who wish to pursue their musical studies further a music theory and solfege course is available.

Biginners and Intermediate

Julia-Mocioc-private-lessons-2Students that will not pursue piano exams, playing and learning in their own time and space. Those courses are designed for piano lovers that are attracted to playing for fun, knowing the piano principles that are being studied during classes. They will be pursuing a repertoire mainly based on popular music.


For students that are preparing for exams such as Royal Conservatory,Vincent D‘Indy or Mc
Gill or for competitions that will motivate them, setting goals on their development. Those will focus more on the classical repertoire as well as the technical aspects that will be explored in every lesson.


Julia-Mocioc-concert-1Twice a year the students will have the opportunity of playing in concerts organised with my class and will hear professional
musicians that will be invited to play as guests.
I can only hope that through passion, dedication and perseverance I can instill in each and every one of my students the same love and appreciation I have for music making, together with the musical and technical finesse that will make them touch the soul of an audience.