Rates & Regulations

Rates & Regulations

Dedicated piano teacher, Julia Mocioc will guide you in the land of piano music. Personalised method for everyone, we offer piano lessons for both beginners and students with prior experience.

Julia_Mocioc_piano_lessonsAll the courses are sold by the session. You can join a session at any time.

We can also arrange a session tailored to your needs:

  • 30 minutes
  • 45minutes
  • 1 hour

To know the price of a full session, multiply the rates by the number of lesson in the session.

Here are our rates for the 2013-2014 school year.Julia-Mocioc-piano-teacher-1

  • 30 minutes – 22$
  • 45 minutes – 27$
  • 60 minutes – 32$

 To start the guided visit in the land of piano music, mail me for a registration appointment.
For more details about my studio regulations, please download the Student Contract.